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KCART joins KU Baseball as it Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month 

The Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (KCART) will be joining KU Baseball to support autistic individuals and their families at the second annual Autism Family Day game

Three Life Span Institute central office staff honored

Life Span Institute staff Donna Burruss, Laci Ulrich, and Jennifer Myers Holwick were recognized for their service in late February.

KU alumnus publishes research on cannabis use and driving with support from Guthrie award

Will Davis, a KU alumnus mentored by Michael Amlung of the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment, recently published research on cannabis use with the help of the Patrick Guthrie Hawks for Hope Award. 

Life Span Institute investigators recognized for research excellence at KU Athletics events

KU highlights exceptional faculty researchers who exhibit talent and tenacity in their academic disciplines, heightening the university's reputation as one of the nation’s leading research universities.

Study to explore potential for using app to measure hydration

Staying hydrated by drinking fluids is about more than quenching your thirst. Joints work better and can absorb the shock of movement. Toxins get flushed, your skin is more resilient and your kidneys can better remove waste. But as you go from a workout at the gym to work or back home, how do you know if you’re hydrated? 

Community engaged research focus of 2024 Collaboratory

About 100 KU Span Institute staff, investigators and students gathered Jan. 11 for the 2024 Collaboratory at Maceli’s.  Presentations explored community engagement and the impact of research. 

Researchers Concerned About Proposed Changes to U.S. Census

Researchers concerned changes to the American Community Survey, the most comprehensive survey of American life, has the potential to significantly disrupt the knowledge of and ability to conduct research about people with disabilities.

Double Data Entry, Data Validation, and Data Comparison in REDCap

Data validity is something that research teams are always concerned with (or should be concerned with). Building systems into data collection that mitigate the risk of invalid or erroneous data is a best practice, and there are many ways to do that. Well-designed online surveys and data collection instruments that limit the ranges of input values, for example, are a core way that tools like REDCap improve the quality and validity of data.

Using KU Resource, Programs in Kansas Presented as a Model to Address Sexual Violence by Reducing Health Disparities

Presenters from Kansas and the University of Kansas shared how initiatives in the state are working to end sexual violence using a framework of support structures that include reducing disparities and addressing social determinants of health.

Accessible Home for the Holidays

If you're hosting friends or family who have a physical disability, you may worry about how to accommodate their needs. The good news is that, with helpful tips from the free “Making Homes Visitable” booklet, you can host loved ones for the holidays.