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Q & A with researcher Tera Fazzino: What to know about 'hyperpalatable' foods

Hyperpalatability is a way of categorizing foods we might commonly call "junk food." They were first described by Tera Fazzino, assistant professor of psychology at KU and associate director of the Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment at the KU Life Span Institute. We reached out her to talk about hyperpalatable foods, and what we as eaters, consumers and cooks should know about them.

Cofrin Logan Center Clinical Director reflects on KU Medical Center career

"When I arrived at the KU Medical Center campus as a first-year faculty member almost 40 years ago, we existed in a small, visibly aging complex that needed a whole lot of love and support from the community to get back on its feet," said Bruce Liese, clinical director of Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment and professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry at KU Medical Center.

KU resource for community change expands to offer online courses

An online resource based at the University of Kansas and accessed by more than 6 million people annually has expanded to offer a group of online courses focused on leadership, communication, advocacy and much more. The courses are a part of the Community Tool Box, a project of the Center for Community Health and Development.

Accessible recreation helps everyone access the outdoors

A physical disability shouldn't mean saying goodbye to the great outdoors. Public parks are for everyone, and increased accessibility in the Sunflower State has opened opportunities for everyone to get outside.

Cofrin Logan Center researcher featured guest on nutrition science YouTube channel

KU Life Span Institute investigator Tera Fazzino’s research on “hyperpalatable” foods caught the attention of YouTuber Chris MacAskill, who on March 25 featured her on his Plant Chompers channel.

Be Aware: 5 Barriers That Impact People with Disabilities

Following National Barrier Awareness Day on May 7, we’re calling attention to several ways people with disabilities encounter obstacles in their daily lives — and why accessibility for everyone is important.

Cofrin Logan bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' intervention training session

The Cofrin Logan Center's bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' training session to help students identify warning signs of escalating behavior, build their confidence as bystanders and to allow them to fail safely at trying out different intervention strategies.

REDCap, Data Sharing and The NIMH Data Archive (a.k.a. NDA or NDAR)

The research project you’re working on has a data sharing and archiving requirement with the NIMH Data Archive: what does that mean?

KU promotes the intellectual diversity in higher education during Think College Awareness Week

More than 300 universities and colleges offer programs for students with intellectual disabilities. KU is home to Transition to Postsecondary Education, the state's only inclusive postsecondary education program for people with intellectual disabilities.

New federally-funded project builds on research to reduce youth violence

Jomella Watson-Thompson is leading one of only five federally-funded national centers of excellence on youth violence prevention with the Youth Violence Prevention Research Center-Kansas City (YVPC-KC).