Community Health and Development

Research to improve the health of communities for the betterment of the individuals who live and work in them.
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The communities around us greatly influence our long-term health and welfare. Through research and service, we seek to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve through collaborative and community-based participatory research, training, resources and services in areas as diverse as early childcare, juvenile justice, and community enrichment.

Research Highlights

school bus with city buildings in background

Research Project: Transportation Needs of Youth

A federal grant will fund a community study of the transportation needs of underrepresented youths in the Kansas City area, to better connect teens to out of school activities and opportunities.
Christina Holt

Introducing Christina Holt

Christina Holt works to give people tools to change the world and to measure progress along the way. She specializes in capacity building for community change and improvement and supporting evaluation of community-based efforts.
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News: Justice Action Toolkit

When protests erupted over ongoing systemic racism in spring 2020, entrepreneur David Dennis was reminded of the stories his mother had told him of the civil rights movement in the 60s. In a search for resources and answers, he discovered the Community Tool Box, a global resource developed at KU.

Our Research

Our research values the communities, which are an essential resource impacting our long-term health and welfare.
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