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Life Span Institute

We are a network of more than 400 KU scientists, students and staff who strive to improve the health of individuals and communities through research, service and outreach.

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Gatlinburg Conference draws 430 experts in IDD research from around the world

The Gatlinburg Conference kicked off with a panel on inclusive communication in research, which helped set the tone for the 56th annual event from April 17-19 in Kansas City, Mo.

Team leads special journal edition on including people with disabilities in research

A team from the KU Center on Developmental Disabilities in the Life Span Institute led the development of the Special Issue of Inclusion, the e-journal of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

7 myth-busting facts about the risk of eating disorders

KU Life Span Institute researchers and other mental health experts reveal the truth about eating disorders in these facts that dispel the many myths around this serious condition.

5 ways to better communicate with people who use AAC devices 

As part of Assistive Technology Month in Kansas, we’re highlighting some of their advice on how others can help facilitate better conversations in and outside of the classroom to better allow everyone to participate in conversations.

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Explore how our researchers, staff and students come together to solve problems affecting the health of children, families and communities.

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Learn about the research of more than 130 investigators working on dozens of projects spanning education, self-determination, disability policy, neuroscience, behavior, language, child development and more.

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Research Rising

Research Rising will address the complex genetic, biological, and environmental factors that cause intellectual and developmental disabilities, and how best to develop interventions to support individuals with IDD so that they can live their best lives.

Research Rising

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