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Available opportunities for study participation are listed below. Consider joining us in our mission to improve human development, health and welfare.
A child sits in a chair holding a pink ball while a woman sitting on the floor claps and smiles at her

Every day, our investigators conduct research that has the potential to change people’s lives. Often we seek volunteers for those research programs. Some children and adults who volunteer may have specific conditions, while others volunteer to serve as controls or people who don’t have those conditions. We seek a variety of participants across age, gender, disability, race, and other criteria. 

We are so grateful to have families share their experiences, time, and knowledge with us. Explore studies that are recruiting volunteers below.

Participants Needed for Comprehension Study

The Comprehension and Language Learning lab is looking for 9- to 12-year-olds who are autistic/children who have autism spectrum disorder, speak English, and use phrase-level verbal communication to participate in a research study.

A boy reads an astronomy textbook in his room

Looking for Toddlers Who May Have Autism

This study will help identify risk factors for children with autism who will remain minimally verbal without intensive language intervention from therapists.

A woman and a young boy put together a puzzle in a classroom setting

Seeking Preschoolers with Autism

Over the course of this study, 60 preschoolers with autism will be recruited to participate in local preschools in the Kansas City metro area. Two peer partners are recruited for each child with autism; and one special education team member will be trained as lead interventionist and implement the communication intervention called Stay-Play-Talk.

Two children with dark curly hair play together in a classroom environment

Kindergarteners Needed for Story Study

Kindergarten Children Acquiring Words through STORYbook Reading, or KAWSTORY, is recruiting kindergarten-eligible children for a project on vocabulary learning.

Child looking at book that has a picture of a fox who has lost his socks.

Participants Aged 5-35 Needed for Brain Research

The KU BRAIN Lab is seeking research participants ages 5-35. The purpose of the study is to understand brain development and how it relates to thinking, movement abilities, and sensory processing.

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KU Students Needed for Study on Eating Habits

Are you a busy college student? Do you have difficulties with food and body image? You may be eligible to receive a free single-use self-help lesson to help with your unhelpful eating habits.

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Participants Sought for FMR1 Premutation Study

The BRAIN Lab is seeking individuals ages 60-75 years for our studies of behavioral and brain changes during aging in healthy individuals and individuals with premutations of the Fragile X gene, FMR1. Both individuals with and without the premutation are eligible to participate.

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Women Aged 60-75 Sought for Brain Study

Researchers with KU BRAIN Lab seeking women age 60-75 with or without premutations of the Fragile X FMR1 for study on brain changes during aging.

A woman with long brown hair and glasses looks at a computer screen on a kitchen counter

Study on FXTAS in Aging FMR1 Premutation Carriers

This study is recruiting individuals aged 50-80 with an FMR1 premutation gene with and without FXTAS as well as individuals without an FMR1 premutation.

An older man holds a bouquet of flowers while standing with an older woman near a body of water

Participants Needed for Functional Fitness Study

We are recruiting participants to explore the effects of Functional Fitness participation for people with mobility/physical disabilities. This study aims to provide evidence for the physical, functional and psychosocial health changes that may follow Functional Fitness participation.

Two men exercise on gym equipment while they are sitting in wheelchairs

Educators Sought for Language Intervention Study

Juniper Gardens Children's Project researchers are conducting research on how infant and toddler teachers can increase language-learning opportunities for young children in their classroom using the Promoting Communication Tools for Advancing Language in Kids intervention.

Children and a teacher sit at a table folding and cutting paper together

Calling all K-5 classroom teachers!

Researchers are looking for participants for an EPIS-SEL Screening Survey to learn what helps you implement Tier 1 programs?

Four adults sit at a table with drawings and diagrams and engage in a discussion

Seeking Preschool Inclusion Teams

Researchers at KUCDD are seeking preschool inclusion teams (educators and caregivers) for young children with autism to participate in a brief study.

Four adults talk while sitting at a table with papers of charts and illustrations

Opportunity for Professional Development

Juniper Gardens Children's Project researchers are studying how professional development and coaching can support the implementation of Promoting Communication Tools for Advancing Language in Kids to promote language growth with children enrolled in early intervention or home visiting programs.

A child practices pronouncing language sounds while sitting at a table with two adults