Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Research to serve justice and equity throughout communities and to develop inclusive practices that help people lead full lives.
A smiling girl sits at a desk with a notebook and pen with rows of other students in the background

Diversity, equity and inclusion are the very foundation of the research conducted at the Life Span Institute. We study ways to foster justice and equity in schools, build healthy communities, and develop inclusive practices that help people with disabilities lead full lives.

Research Highlights

two children playing with a pop-up toy in a preschool classroom

Project: Effects of Implicit Bias on Children's Early Outcomes

The purpose of this project is to examine the relationship between implicit bias, teacher expectations, teacher–child interactions and child outcomes. There are disparities in child discipline and development that can manifest early for poor and/or minority children and can have lasting consequences.
Lyndsie Koon

Introducing Investigator Lyndsie Koon

By combining her interests in exercise and disability, Lyndsie Koon of the Research and Training Center on Independent Living conducts research that aims to improve the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities across the life span.
A student seated at a desk smiles with SWIFT director Amy McCart

Featured Research Center: SWIFT Education

The SWIFT Education Center is group of people who are passionate about transforming U.S. public education so that all students are welcomed and included in their neighborhood schools and age-appropriate general education classrooms with support.

Our Research

At the Life Span Institute, we conduct research whose end goal is the improvement of children's health and development.
A pen sits on a notebook on a desk