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Alternatives to Guardianship Focus of KU Research, Senate Committee Hearing

People frequently assume guardianship is the best or only option for adults with disabilities who need supports with decision making.

Researchers land grant to help K-2 teachers test strategies to reduce challenging classroom behavior

A recent study from the University of Kansas has found that teachers widely believe increasing students’ engagement in instruction can help decrease challenging behaviors.

KU autism conference to feature wide range of sessions for professionals, scientists, families

The Autism Across the Lifespan conference also will feature a panel discussion by women with autism on how this demographic has been historically overlooked within the autistic community. They will discuss neurodiversity, sexuality, relationships and community engagement.

Life Span Institute director honored for service in roles in KU College, Office of Research

Colleagues and administrators gathered on Feb. 16 to honor Life Span Institute Director John Colombo for his service in interim roles during the past five years at KU.

KU Research Supports Competitive, Integrated Employment for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Research by KU scientists and others has long reinforced that career development opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities provide not only financial benefits, but improved physical and mental health, and better quality of life.

Podcast by and for Native Americans shines light on disability, mental health

The new podcast Black Feathers provides a platform for discussions on disability and mental health within Tribal Nations.

KU Leading Project to Aid Students Who Internalized Anxious Feelings from Pandemic

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has secured grant funding to conduct a project to look for students with internalizing behaviors who have anxious feelings that may negatively affect their education, and to help teachers implement new strategies to attend to those feelings while re-engaging in

Research Shows Impact of “Hyper-Palatable” Foods Across Four Diets

If losing weight was among your 2023 resolutions, findings by researchers from KU and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) may provide clearer guidance about the food you put on your plate. 

KU Cofrin Logan Center to Host Public Lecture on Vaping, Teen Health

Do you have questions about vaping? Want to know more about the health effects of e-cigarettes? Confused by terms like cart, Vuse, mod or Puff Bar? 

Karrie Shogren Named Distinguished Professor

Karrie Shogren advises foreign government ministers, presents in countries around the globe and contributes her knowledge to Kansas in presentations across the state. In recognition of her academic excellence, she has been recognized with the rank of distinguished professor.

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