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Special issue explores the complex genetic landscape around diverse IDDs

The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) network has completed their 2023 publication section in the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders focused on "Etiological heterogeneity, pleiotropy, and polygenicity in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDDs)." T

Families Impacted by Fragile X and Fragile X Gene Premutation Invited to Informational Event

The Kansas City chapter of the National Fragile X Foundation is hosting a meet and greet with providers and researchers at the University of Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (KCART). Clinical service and research opportunities for individuals with Fragile X or Fragile X gene (FMR1)…

KCART joins KU Baseball as it Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month 

The Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (KCART) will be joining KU Baseball to support autistic individuals and their families at the second annual Autism Family Day game

Life Span Institute to host global audience for developmental disabilities research conference

The KU Life Span Institute will welcome more than 350 scientists, graduate students and practitioners to the 56th annual Gatlinburg Conference on April 17-19.

REDCap Project Modifications in Production Status

The REDCap Production Status for projects provides a tools to review changes before potentially creating inconsistencies between existing data and any data collected after the change. We review the process for submitting changes, and what happens when “potentially critical issues” are flagged by…

Life Span Institute research explores impact of adaptive exercise for people with disabilities

KU Life Span Institute researcher Lyndsie Koon is leading three pilot projects assessing the effectiveness of HIFT to improve various health outcomes, including fall risk, metabolic health, strength, flexibility, quality of life, psychosocial health and more.

Three Life Span Institute central office staff honored

Life Span Institute staff Donna Burruss, Laci Ulrich, and Jennifer Myers Holwick were recognized for their service in late February.

Research team led by Kelsie Forbush among four awarded support for projects that advance racial equity

Kelsie Forbush honored for development of a new perinatal eating disorder screening tool for Black, Afro-Caribbean and African American individuals as 2023 KU Racial Equity Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity Award recipient.

Life Span Institute researcher responds to NIH changes designation changes for people with disabilities

The National Institutes of Health has announced changes that will now designate people with disabilities as a population with health disparities.

Art therapy shows promise in residential treatment setting for women with substance abuse disorder

A study from KU researchers at the KU Life Span Institute's Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment of women in residential treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) indicates the creation of visual art indeed may be an effective strategy to reduce “delay discounting.”

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