Community Health and Development News

Social stigma creates barriers to treatment for people with substance use disorders

Stigma associated with substance use can dehumanize people, increase shame and be a roadblock for those who might seek assistance or health care.

Life Span Institute research explores impact of adaptive exercise for people with disabilities

KU Life Span Institute researcher Lyndsie Koon is leading three pilot projects assessing the effectiveness of HIFT to improve various health outcomes, including fall risk, metabolic health, strength, flexibility, quality of life, psychosocial health and more.

Using KU Resource, Programs in Kansas Presented as a Model to Address Sexual Violence by Reducing Health Disparities

Presenters from Kansas and the University of Kansas shared how initiatives in the state are working to end sexual violence using a framework of support structures that include reducing disparities and addressing social determinants of health.

National study led by Life Span Institute researchers asks people with disabilities to share their experiences

People with disabilities are invited to participate in a national study based at the University of Kansas that aims to document their experiences with a variety of issues to understand the needs of underrepresented communities.

Community health researchers support program that aims to reduce family separation

The KU Center for Community Health and Development provided support for an initiative to prevent poverty-related issues that lead to family separation in Louisiana.

KU resource for community change expands to offer online courses

An online resource based at the University of Kansas and accessed by more than 6 million people annually has expanded to offer a group of online courses focused on leadership, communication, advocacy and much more. The courses are a part of the Community Tool Box, a project of the Center for Community Health and Development.

Pharmacy researcher develops intervention for metabolic diseases like diabetes, stroke and heart disease

Liqin Zhao, KU associate professor of pharmacology & toxicology and investigator at the Life Span Institute, has developed a treatment that could apply to heart disease, stroke and a host of other human diseases related to metabolism.

KU researcher awarded Defense Department funding to study eating disorders in active-duty military

A University of Kansas researcher who developed the first screening tool for eating disorders in veterans has been awarded a four-year, $4.2 million grant by the Department of Defense to address this condition in active-duty members of the military.

Cofrin Logan Center researcher featured guest on nutrition science YouTube channel

KU Life Span Institute investigator Tera Fazzino’s research on “hyperpalatable” foods caught the attention of YouTuber Chris MacAskill, who on March 25 featured her on his Plant Chompers channel.

Cofrin Logan bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' intervention training session

The Cofrin Logan Center's bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' training session to help students identify warning signs of escalating behavior, build their confidence as bystanders and to allow them to fail safely at trying out different intervention strategies.