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Researchers Concerned About Proposed Changes to U.S. Census

Researchers concerned changes to the American Community Survey, the most comprehensive survey of American life, has the potential to significantly disrupt the knowledge of and ability to conduct research about people with disabilities.

Double Data Entry, Data Validation, and Data Comparison in REDCap

Data validity is something that research teams are always concerned with (or should be concerned with). Building systems into data collection that mitigate the risk of invalid or erroneous data is a best practice, and there are many ways to do that. Well-designed online surveys and data collection instruments that limit the ranges of input values, for example, are a core way that tools like REDCap improve the quality and validity of data.

Using KU Resource, Programs in Kansas Presented as a Model to Address Sexual Violence by Reducing Health Disparities

Presenters from Kansas and the University of Kansas shared how initiatives in the state are working to end sexual violence using a framework of support structures that include reducing disparities and addressing social determinants of health.

Accessible Home for the Holidays

If you're hosting friends or family who have a physical disability, you may worry about how to accommodate their needs. The good news is that, with helpful tips from the free “Making Homes Visitable” booklet, you can host loved ones for the holidays.

SOAR Conference Guests Share Strategies for Self-Advocacy, Disability Rights, and More

The 2023 SOAR Conference organized by and for individuals with disabilities hosted 200 guests to discuss self-advocacy strategies, disability rights, building healthy relationships, inclusion in research, and more. 

KU TPE Gets Boost with Grant Funding from National Community Care Corps

An inclusive college certificate program at KU for young adults with intellectual disabilities will increase capacity with funding to hire student assistants and academic coaches through a two-year grant of nearly $125,000 from the National Community Care Corps. 

4 Communication Technology Programs That Can Benefit People with Disabilities

Kansans may be able to access communication technology under a collection of federal and state programs, including one for low-income households that offers discounts for affordable internet connection and several others specifically for individuals with disabilities.

12 Exercise Tips for People with Physical Disabilities

OK, maybe physical fitness isn’t your main goal in life. But for you to reach other important goals, such as maintaining your ability to live independently, work or care for others, physical fitness can increase stamina and strength.

SOAR conference to host individuals with disabilities to promote self-advocacy

“Nothing about us without us” has been a slogan for disability rights advocates for more than 30 years. The phrase highlights the need for people with disabilities to be at the table when decisions about disability policy are being made. 

Distinguished Professor's Lecture to Address Self-determination for People with Disabilities

Karrie Shogren will present her inaugural distinguished professor lecture, “Advancing Self-Determination: Building Systems of Supports with the Disability Community,” at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 14 in the Kansas Room of the Kansas Union.