Project implementation

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Research Design and Analysis scientists can be active members of your research team, or can serve as consultants with a wide array of skills.

  • Provide guidance on effective survey development – user interface and question design
    • Develop new instruments and evaluate their psychometric properties
    • Develop and manage Database Systems
  • Robust database architecture design using enterprise-level database systems
  • Access to HIPAA-compliant servers 
  • Development of web-based data collection systems with secure management
    • Custom web and software development
    • Assistance with third-party survey providers such as Qualtrics
    • Custom data collection tools – surveys for participants or data entry tools for researchers
  • Access to the LSI instance of REDCap, and support of other REDCap instances, including KUMC
  • Technical expertise and operational support
    • Multi-site data collection support, collaborative application solutions between sites
    • Offline data collection with mobile device applications (e.g., tablets and smart phones)
    • MOSIO text messaging for intervention delivery and/or data collection
  • Randomize individuals to conditions using stratification
  • Assist with clinical trial registration and analysis plan pre-registration