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Pharmacy researcher develops intervention for metabolic diseases

Liqin Zhao, KU associate professor of pharmacology & toxicology and investigator at the Life Span Institute, has developed a treatment that could apply to heart disease, stroke and a host of other human diseases related to metabolism.

Defense Department funds KU research project on eating disorders in military

A University of Kansas researcher who developed the first screening tool for eating disorders in veterans has been awarded a four-year, $4.2 million grant by the Department of Defense to address this condition in active-duty members of the military.

Advice for Accessing the Outdoors

A physical disability shouldn't mean saying goodbye to the great outdoors. Public parks are for everyone, and increased accessibility in the Sunflower State has opened opportunities for everyone to get outside.

Tera Fazzino shares 'hyperpalatable' food research with host of nutrition science YouTube channel

KU Life Span Institute investigator Tera Fazzino’s research on “hyperpalatable” foods caught the attention of YouTuber Chris MacAskill, who on March 25 featured her on his Plant Chompers channel.

KU Experts Author Guide to Transforming Schools Based on Research in Education, Disability 

When University of Kansas researchers were invited to write a book for a W. W. Norton & Company series focused on inclusive education for students with disabilities, they worked with the editors of the series to rethink the concept of “inclusion” itself. 

5 Barriers That Impact People with Disabilities

Following National Barrier Awareness Day on May 7, we’re calling attention to several ways people with disabilities encounter obstacles in their daily lives — and why accessibility for everyone is important.

Cofrin Logan bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' intervention training session

The Cofrin Logan Center's bar lab plays host to SAPEC 'Barstander' training session to help students identify warning signs of escalating behavior, build their confidence as bystanders and to allow them to fail safely at trying out different intervention strategies.

An overview of what the NIMH Data Archive (NDA) is and how REDCap can be customized for data sharing to the NDA

The research project you’re working on has a data sharing and archiving requirement with the NIMH Data Archive: what does that mean?

KU promotes the intellectual diversity in higher education during Think College Awareness Week

More than 300 universities and colleges offer programs for students with intellectual disabilities. KU is home to Transition to Postsecondary Education, the state's only inclusive postsecondary education program for people with intellectual disabilities.

Research Rising Intensive Grant Training Program Announced

Researchers affiliated with the Life Span Institute's Research Rising project, Advancing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilty Research at KU, are accepting applications for a training program focused on early career investigators studying intellectual and developmental disability research.

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