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Researcher Receives Grant to Study the Relationship between Addiction and Decision-Making

A federal grant awarded through the KU Medical Center Frontiers program to a Life Span Institute investigator will support addiction research focused on the relationship between tobacco addictio

McDaniel Awarded Grant to Study Vocalization ins Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The American Speech-Language Hearing Foundation has awarded Jena McDaniel, post-doctoral fellow at the Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training, a 2020 

Web Application Developed at KU Shows Promise in Helping Improve the Communication Skills of Infants and Young Children

LAWRENCE - Using data to inform decisions or next steps isn’t just the bedrock of boardrooms and business. A team of University of Kansas researchers has shown that it’s also the foundation for improving the language development and communication skills of infants and toddlers.

University of Kansas Childcare Training Partnership awarded $2.3 million

LAWRENCE – Two previously independent early care and education training programs are collaborating to provide professional development opportunities and technical assistance to childcare providers across Kansas, with a total grant of $2.3 million awarded through the Kansas Department for Children

Seeking to Improve the Education of Young Bilingual Children

When 11-year-old Xigrid Soto moved to the continental United States from Puerto Rico with her family, her new community and the school lacked the support she needed.

Interventions for Families, Adolescents and Young Children Are Focus of Autism Research Programs Awarded $13 Million

The University of Kansas, through the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, is a partner in two autism spectrum disorder research projects that have recently been awarded $13 million in federal grants.

People with Disabilities View Health Care Access as Human Right, Study Shows

Politicians discuss the ins and outs of health care while trying to win votes, but for some Americans, policymakers do not seem to be listening.

Book Offers the Means to Develop Equity-Based Support for All Students


New Addiction Research Handbook Co-Authored by KU Addiction Center Scientists

A field guide to research on the scope, methods and etiology of addiction published by Cambridge University Press

KU Scientist Richard L. (Dick) Schiefelbusch, 1918-2020, Leaves a Legacy on Disability Research

Richard L. (Dick) Schiefelbusch, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, longtime director of the Bureau of Child Research, and namesake of the Schiefelbusch Institute for Life Span Studies, has died at age 102. 

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