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KU researchers partner with state to better understand experiences of Kansans on disability services waitlist

The KU Life Span Institute is working the state to better understand the impact to thousands of Kansans stuck on a waitlist for disability services. Researchers are looking for solutions to the current backlog as well as how to prevent future delays for essential support services.

Study Demonstrates Adding Complex Component of Milk to Infant Formula Confers Long-Term Cognitive Benefits

Five-and-a-half-year-olds whose baby formula had included milk fat globule membranes and lactoferrin (MFGM+LF) went on to perform nearly 5 points higher on IQ tests years after they were weaned.

Intensive grant development program launches

The KU Life Span Institute has launched a nine-month intensive program focused on supporting early career investigators in their efforts to secure federal grant funding for intellectual and developmental disability research. 

Partners Announced for KU Initiative to Move Toward Rightful Presence in Regular Education Classrooms

Research center at the Life Span Institute announces four state education agencies selected as partners on project directed toward creating changes in systems, policies, and practices. Each was selected for its high level of commitment to and progress toward inclusion of students with disabilities.

Cofrin Logan Center Clinical Director reflects on KU Medical Center career

"When I arrived at the KU Medical Center campus as a first-year faculty member almost 40 years ago, we existed in a small, visibly aging complex that needed a whole lot of love and support from the community to get back on its feet," said Bruce Liese, clinical director of Cofrin Logan Center for…

Trina Spencer named director of longtime KU research center

Trina Spencer, PhD, has been named director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, one of 12 research subcenters at the KU Life Span Institute.

Study identifies best ways of helping teachers support students with autism

A new study from the University of Kansas and University of Washington sheds light on the best ways to train teachers so they understand the practices and can implement them in their classrooms.

Researchers to identify key brain and behavioral changes in aging women with premtuations of the Fragile X gene, FMR1

Fragile X-associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome is a genetic disorder first documented in a small group of men who had grandchildren with Fragile X Syndrome. Scientists are now looking to learn more about its effect in women.

Researchers to study program aimed at improving equity in children’s health in Kansas City, Kan., communities

KU researchers have been awarded a federal grant to improve language and communication skills in underserved communities in Kansas as part of an intervention program shown to be effective in multiple settings.

KU resource for community change expands to offer online courses

An online resource based at the University of Kansas and accessed by more than 6 million people annually has expanded to offer a group of online courses focused on leadership, communication, advocacy and much more.

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