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Brain-computer interface could unlock minds silenced by stroke and ALS

The Power of Parenting

Beginning in 1995 with the seminal study of vocabulary development by Betty Hart and Todd Risley that revealed a 30 million word gap in what children from the least and more advantaged homes heard by age 3, Life Span Institute researchers have investigated the power of parenting.

Nutritional supplement could prevent thousands of early preterm births

Researchers estimated that more than 106,000 high-risk early preterm births could be avoided in the U.S. each year if pregnant women took daily supplements of the omega fatty acid.

Parenting significantly affects development of children with Fragile X syndrome

LAWRENCE — University of Kansas researchers have found that certain specific parenting practices are significantly associated with the development of communication and language skills in children with Fragile X syndrome.

Study upsets beliefs about feelings and exercise probability

A pilot study tracking adolescents’ internal psychological states around engaging in physical activity suggests that prevailing assumptions about how to increase physical activity might need a reboot.

KU Center to partner on California statewide educational reform initiative

A University of Kansas educational technical assistance and research center, the SWIFT (Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation) Education Center, will partner with the Orange County and Butte County departments of Education, Californ

Bob Dole makes gift to KU disabilities center

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole has made a gift of $10,000 to the University of Kansas Research and Training Center on Independent Living (RTC/IL). Founded in 1980, the RTC/IL conducts disability research and provides training designed to enhance independent living for people with disabilities.

W. Matthew Gillespie named a 2017 KU Man of Merit

Sixteen students, faculty and staff have been selected as University of Kansas Men of Merit, recognized for positively defining masculinity through challenging cultural norms, taking action and leading by example while making contributions to the university and/or the community.

Reading picture books with children holds promise for treating common language disorder

LAWRENCE — A clinical trial of book reading to help kindergarten children with Specific Language Impairment learn words has determined the number of times a child with SLI needs to hear a word to learn it: 36 times or exposures compared with 12 times for typically developing children.

Learning about resiliency in foster children

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