Enhancing Ci3T: Building Professional Capacity for High Fidelity Implementation to Support Students' Educational Outcomes (Project ENHANCE)

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Our research team has worked within a multi-tiered integrated system, supporting over 75 schools in 4 geographic regions for more than 15 years in school/district design, implementation, and initial evaluation of the Comprehensive, Integrated, Three-Tiered (Ci3T) model of prevention that integrates academic, behavioral, and social learning domains (Lane, Oakes, & Menzies, 2010). As noted in the RFA, a collaborative network of research teams is needed to provide the necessary inquiry to unpackage the key components of comprehensive, integrated three-tiered models of prevention – and Ci3T inquiry provides the opportune landscape for this work. In Project ENHANCE, we propose to draw upon lessons learned in our collective prior IES-funded work, engaging in a rapid iterative design approach to identify critical opportunities and develop professional learning structuresfor moving integrated systems to scale. We have identified three focus areas as most critical for enhancing integrated multi-tiered systems of support: Focus Area 1 - Developing Leadership Skills and Structures Needed to Support Ci3T; Focus Area 2 - Building the Capacity of Ci3T Leadership Teams to Support Implementation; andFocus Area 3 - Facilitating the Installation of Systematic Screening for Behavior. Following development of these enhanced professional learning structures, we will conduct a Field Test of the Enhanced Ci3T (E-Ci3T).

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ph.D., BCBA-D

  • Project start Date: 07/01/2019

  • Project finish Date: 06/30/2024



  • US Department of Education

  • Award Number: R324N190002