Development of a Data-based Decision Making System to Support Educators' Promotion of Infants and Toddlers' Cognitive Problem-Solving Skills

child playing with teacher on the floor of an Educare preschool classroom in Kansas City

We know that using child data to guide intervention decisions is an effective way to individualize education and treatment of children with disabilities. However, educators serving children 0-3 lack appropriate tools to do this in practice.


For this project, we are developing and testing the web-based, Making Online Decisions (MOD), tool to guide educators’ use of child data to individualize curriculum decisions. The MOD uses data that practitioners collect from the Individual Growth and Development Indicators (IGDIs website ) assessment for infants and toddlers to identify children who may be in need of more intensive intervention and provide data-based curriculum recommendations. More information can be found at Using the MOD for Data-driven Decision Making

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: Jay Buzhardt

  • Project start Date: 07/01/2017

  • Project finish Date: 01/31/2023



  • US Department of Education

  • Award Number: R324A170141 - 19

Additional Information: