Rene Jamison

Rene Jamison
  • Investigator, Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training
  • Clinical Associate Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center - Pediatrics
  • Director, Kansas Leadership Education in Neurodevelopment and related Disabilities Program

Contact Info

KU Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Blvd, MS4003
Kansas City, KS 66106-8500


Rene Jamison is an Associate Professor at the Center for Child Health and Development in the Department of Pediatrics at KU Medical Center. Her clinical and research interests focus on assessment and intervention for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, including a specific focus on females with autism and gender differences. Dr. Jamison is the Director of the Kansas Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities program, a federally funded interdisciplinary workforce development program. She also directs a social and self-care program for girls with autism and other developmental disabilities (GNO).

Selected Publications

Scholarly Publications

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Invited or non-peer-reviewed articles or reviews:

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Books and book chapters:

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Published abstracts:

Denton, J., Blackwell K., Waitman, L., Kluding, P., Choudhary, A., Bott, M., Brooks, W., Greiner, A., Jamison, T.R., Klaus, S., O’Brien-Ladner, A., Latinis, K., Aaronson, L., Burns, J., & Barohn, R. (2012). Frontiers Research Participant Registry., P334. Translational Science 2012 Meeting, Research Professionals Abstracts, Clinical Translational Journal, 5:2, 206 from Transitional Science 2012 article.

 Other publications

Jamison, T.R. (January 2018). Girls with autism need help honing social skills in realistic settings. Invited publication within the viewpoint of Spectrum: Autism Research News (Spectrum website).

Grants & Other Funded Activity

Current research interests are related to adolescent females with autism and other developmental disabilities. Specifically, research efforts are directed to interventions for social skills including social skills training, video modeling, and use of technology to promote skills. Research activities are also related to the use of telemedicine for diagnosis of ASD, parent training to improve and prevent disruptive behaviors, and sex differences in autism.

Current projects include manuscript preparation for a study examining a self developed social skills curriculum for adolescent girls with ASD, study examining perceptions of typically developing females on social communication of girls with ASD, and use of telemedicine for diagnostics in ASD. Current efforts related to manuscript preparation and revisions.

Jamison, T.R., Principal Investigator.
Building sustainability of a social skills and self care program for adolescent girls with ASD. Autism Speaks, $24,514.00, Feb. 2012-2013.

Jamison, T.R., Principal Investigator.
Promoting social competence and social conversation skills in adolescent girls with ASD: Evaluation of an intervention program. Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (KCART), $30,000, Aug. 2010-2011.

Jamison, T.R., Principal Investigator.
Girls Night Out Project. Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City, $5,000, Dec. 2008-2009.