Minding A Mid-America Gap: NIDA/NIAAA Epidemiology Research Training for Clinical Researchers and Clinicians in Currently Under-Served Areas

Dole Building

NIH Project Reporter mapping tools show no active NIDA Epidemiology Branch R01 research projects in many states now hit hard by opioid overdoses and other drug-related harms, and provide evidence of under-served mid-America areas with no epidemiology-focused NIDA T32 research training programs to meet NIH personnel needs in these states and few NIAAA programs. For this proposed R25 initiative, we created a four-university consortium partnership to enhance clinical research training on psychoactive drug use disorders, drug use, and other risk-laden behaviors that increase chance of acquiring HIV, HCV, COVID, and related infections (e.g., via syringe sharing; peer-to-peer spread), with sites in Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, and Kansas. If successful, this R25 science education program will enhance the NIDA/NIAAA ‘pipeline,’ adding trainees with epidemiology focused programs of study that include focus on COVID, HIV/AIDS, and other person-to-person spread conditions, with increased numbers of epidemiologically adept scientists who will work in these mid-America states and who can compete successfully for NIDA Epidemiology entry-K awards, R01 research project awards, and graduate training awards (F31, R36) during the next five years and beyond.

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: Richard Yi

  • Project start Date: 09/20/2020

  • Project finish Date: 08/31/2025



  • Michigan State University

  • Award Number: RC111814B