Education Science News

Researchers to test app that empowers students with disabilities through self-determination

Researchers at the University of Kansas who have been instrumental in developing and implementing the Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction have secured funding to test a new app that delivers the proven method to students.

Partners Announced for KU Initiative to Move Toward Rightful Presence in Regular Education Classrooms

Research center at the Life Span Institute announces four state education agencies selected as partners on project directed toward creating changes in systems, policies, and practices. Each was selected for its high level of commitment to and progress toward inclusion of students with disabilities.

Trina Spencer named director of longtime KU research center

Trina Spencer, PhD, has been named director of the Juniper Gardens Children’s Project, one of 12 research subcenters at the KU Life Span Institute.

Study identifies best ways of helping teachers support students with autism

A new study from the University of Kansas and University of Washington sheds light on the best ways to train teachers so they understand the practices and can implement them in their classrooms.

KU Experts Author Guide to Transforming Schools Based on Research in Education, Disability 

When University of Kansas researchers were invited to write a book for a W. W. Norton & Company series focused on inclusive education for students with disabilities, they worked with the editors of the series to rethink the concept of “inclusion” itself. 

Researchers land grant to help K-2 teachers test strategies to reduce challenging classroom behavior

A recent study from the University of Kansas has found that teachers widely believe increasing students’ engagement in instruction can help decrease challenging behaviors.

Grant to expand KU education tool to meet the needs of students and teachers in rural schools

A federal agency has granted the University of Kansas a $15 million award to expand coaching and training to rural schools for an education tool that has been proven effective at boosting engagement and reducing disruptive behaviors in the classroom.

New $10 Million Grant to Promote Equity Leadership and Educator Well-Being

The SWIFT Education Center, part of the Life Span Institute at the University of Kansas, was awarded a $10 million federal grant to promote equity leadership and educator well-being among educational leaders in Black, Hispanic and Native American communities.

New federal awards to SWIFT Education Center will fund projects that move schools from inclusion to rightful presence

SWIFT Education Center, within the Life Span Institute at the University of Kansas, has received two federal awards for a total of $13 million to support educational systems in transforming their policies and practices to create schools where students have the resources and sense of belonging that they need to thrive.