Crawford County Juvenile Justice Community Engagement Initiative

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The KU CCHD will facilitate the Crawford County (JD #11) Juvenile Justice Community Engagement Initiative to enhance community and data capacity for juvenile justice systems improvements. Through the initiative, the KU CCHD will facilitate convening, developing, and enhancing the collaborative capacity of the community to collect, analyze, and use data to improve juvenile justice decision-making through community engagement. Through the effort, a community-informed juvenile justice assessment will be developed, with attention to racial and ethnic disparities (RED) and DMC. The assessment includes a combination of juvenile justice system data collection and analysis, key system partner interviews, and focus groups with youth and parents with juvenile justice system history. From the community-informed juvenile justice assessment, a sustainable strategic plan will be developed with community stakeholders. The Juvenile Justice Community Engagement toolkit developed by the KU CCHD with JD  #29 will be further piloted, expanded, and adapted for the local context in JD #11.

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: Jomella Watson-Thompson

  • Project start Date: 10/01/2020

  • Project finish Date: 09/30/2021



  • Kansas Department of Corrections

  • Award Number: PO26684