Book Offers the Means to Develop Equity-Based Support for All Students


Book cover art for MTSS text

Investigators at a KU education research center have distilled twenty years of education research into a new book focused on an equity-based system to support all students.

Amy McCart, co-director of SWIFT Education Center, and Dawn Miller, associate director of technical assistance, co-authored Leading Equity-Based MTSS for All Students. The book aims to show how school leaders can create equity-based multi-tiered system of support, or MTSS, using the resources they already have in their schools. 

MTSS is an organizing framework that uses data to inform decisions coordinating academic, behavioral, and social resources to meet the needs of students in a dynamic and timely fashion. An equity-based MTSS provides access to the core curriculum with a continuum of support for students across the full range of learning needs. 

“In this book, we aim to show how to create equity-based MTSS that makes a lasting impact on each student and bring about a culture of schooling that demonstrates high levels of academic, behavioral, and social outcomes,” McCart said. “Equity-based MTSS becomes a means to an end: equity-based thinking, doing and achieving.”