Active Treatment Training Program

The KUCCD building in Parsons, KS on a sunny summer day with blue sky and clouds.

The purpose of this project is to provide training to personnel in Kansas ICF/MR facilities serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This training is intended to promote the implementation and evaluation of active treatment programs for all individuals of these facilities. In addition to collaborative training and support services provided directly by the staff of this project, this contract supports special topic consultations and workshops by national leaders in the field of developmental disabilities. The topics and consultants for these activities are selected on the basis of specific needs identified by the participating ICF/MRs relevant to the provision of quality services to the individuals in their facilities.

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: David Lindeman

  • Project start Date: 07/01/2021

  • Project finish Date: 06/30/2021



  • Parsons State Hospital and Kansas Neurological Institute