Alison Gabriele

Alison Gabriel
  • Professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Director, Second Language Acquisition Lab

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Blake Hall, Room 420W
1541 Lilac Ln
Lawrence, KS 66045-3129


Alison Gabriele research examines the acquisition and processing of syntax and semantics by adult second language learners, focusing on the cognitive and linguistic factors that impact development and ultimate attainment. These issues are addressed using a range of experimental methods including behavioral, psycholinguistic, and electrophysiological measures.

The goal of her research program is to characterize the knowledge and assumptions that the learner brings to the initial state of second language (L2) language learning, better understand how the learner’s grammar develops with increasing exposure, and determine what linguistic properties ultimately can and cannot be acquired at advanced levels of proficiency. My recent work has also begun to examine the extent to which individual differences in both verbal and cognitive abilities capture variability in both native (L1) and L2 processing. The goal of this work to develop a predictive model of conditions under which native speakers and L2 learners are successful in language processing and to investigate whether the individual differences that facilitate processing are similar or different for native speakers and L2 learners.

Alison Gabriele's Profile


Ph.D. in Linguistics, City University of New York, 2005
B.A. in English and Rhetoric, Binghamton University, 1998