Juniper Gardens Children's Project Enrolling Preschoolers with Autism for a Research Study


Stay-Play-Talk with iPad: A Communication Intervention for Children with Autism and Peer Buddies

This study is a good match if:

  • your child speaks less than 20 words
  • your child has autism or related characteristics
  • your child attends a preschool with peers

Your child would:

  • Receive a developmental assessment
  • Participate in a preschool social intervention
  • Learn to use a speech-generating device to communicate with peer buddies

You would:

  • Complete a developmental questionnaire
  • Receive a report of assessment results
  • Receive compensation

A school team member would:

  • Help recruit peer buddies
  • Learn effective strategies to support children's social interactions
  • Receive compensation

Participation is dependent on school or program administration approval.

Contact: Rebecca Hacker, PhD., or Kathy Thiemann-Bourque, PhD., CCC-SLP,