Evaluating the Efficacy of a Daily Check-in/Check-out Intervention for Students At-Risk for Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Children's Campus in Kansas City, home to Juniper Gardens

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of Check-in/Check-out (CICO) for improving social, emotional, and academic behavior of elementary school students at risk for emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). CICO is a manualized Tier 2 behavioral intervention commonly implemented within a multi-tiered framework and designed to improve the social and behavioral performance of students with emerging problem behavior. Research has indicated that CICO is a promising intervention for improving student outcomes, has high acceptability ratings from participants, and has shown feasibility of implementation in elementary school settings. However, evaluations of CICO have primarily used single-case research designs and high quality, group design studies are lacking. This study will examine the efficacy of CICO for improving teacher instructional practices; student social, emotional, and academic behaviors; and parent perceptions of school partnership, and potential mediators or moderators of those effects. In addition, the cost and cost-effectiveness of the intervention will be examined.

Project details

  • 1. Principal Investigator Timothy Lewis, University of Missouri

  • 2. Co-Principal Investigators: Howard Wills, Barbara Mitchell, Stephen Kilgus

  • Project start Date: 08/01/2019

  • Project finish Date: 07/31/2022



  • Institute of Education Sciences

  • Award Number: R324A190046