ReACT an Adaptive Mobile Health Intervention for Adolescent Asthma

ReACT an Adaptive Mobile Health Intervention for Adolescent Asthma

Pediatric asthma affects over 8% of youth and is a leading cause of morbidity. Adherence to inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) can prevent asthma-related morbidity, however, adolescents with asthma commonly take fewer than 50% of their prescribed doses of ICS when assessed objectively. There are efficacious behavioral health interventions for improving adherence to ICS that are delivered in-person. However, the fact that the majority of adolescent do not take their medication as prescribed signals a clear problem with scaling the solutions to meet the public health need.

With the invention of mobile sensors that wirelessly track ICS adherence, new approaches to intervention are possible that more closely mirror efficacious in-person interventions. The aims of this application are to merge the efficacious behavior change strategies found in behavioral health interventions with scalable mHealth technologies through the development and refinement of the Responsive Asthma Care for Teens program (ReACT)


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Christopher Charles Cushing
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