Dean C. Williams, Ph.D

Dean C. Williams, Ph.D.

Dean Williams

Investigator, The Life Span Institute at Parsons,

Ph.D., Psychology, 1989 University of Florida
M.S., Psychology, 1985 University of Florida
B.A., Psychology, 1978 University of Wisconsin

Contact Information


2601 Gabriel 
Parsons, Kansas 67357

(620) 421-6550

Research Interests

Behavioral Pharmacology in intellectual disabilities (ID) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • Effects of psychoactive medications on cognitive and aberrant behaviors
  • Effects of drugs on animal models of ID and ASD


Board of Editors, Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Board of Editors, The Behavior Analyst

Editor, Experimental Analysis of Human Behavior Bulletin

President, Southeastern Association for Behavior Analysis

Faculty of Postdoctoral Training in Translational Research on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities program

Fellow of the American Psychological Association

University of Kansas Leading Light Award for Research

James A. Shannon Directors Award for Merits


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