Cooperative Project on Dual Diagnosis of Persons with Disabilities

The KUCDD building in Parsons, KS on a sunny summer day with blue sky and clouds.

This program provides the necessary supports, services, and guidance for individuals who cannot manage their money and finances. This program manages a person's monthly income to pay bills while distributing discretionary spending money in a fair and judicial manner. This program receives the payee's social security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments and uses those funds to pay for current and foreseeable needs of the beneficiary (e.g., transportation, clothing, food, recreation, etc.). Additionally, the program works to inform and support the person in learning to manage their funds with the goal of the person participating in or making informed decisions regarding the use and management of their money. 

This service has many positive outcomes and benefits for the individuals served and their families. Their quality of life in improved while maintaining a typical living environment. One of the many outcomes of these services is the prevention or delay of moving a person with a disability or an elderly person into a more restrictive setting such as a nursing home, residential setting or institution. 

Project details

  • Primary Investigator: David Lindeman

  • Project start Date: 07/01/1098

  • Project finish Date: 06/30/2022



  • SE KS Respite Services INC

  • Award Number: NFP16041