Community Health and Development News

KU hosts annual Autism Across the Life Span conference

Researchers, students, professionals, educators, families and advocates are invited to Autism Across the Life Span, an annual conference presented by the Kansas Center for Autism Research & Training (K-CART) at the University of Kansas Life Span Institute.

Podcast by and for Native Americans shines light on disability, mental health

The new podcast Black Feathers provides a platform for discussions on disability and mental health within Tribal Nations.

Research Shows Impact of “Hyper-Palatable” Foods Across Four Diets

If losing weight was among your 2023 resolutions, findings by researchers from KU and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) may provide clearer guidance about the food you put on your plate. 

KU Cofrin Logan Center to Host Public Lecture on Vaping, Teen Health

Do you have questions about vaping? Want to know more about the health effects of e-cigarettes? Confused by terms like cart, Vuse, mod or Puff Bar? 

Study Shows SMART Recovery Holds Potential to Help LGBTQ Population with Alcohol, Substance Use

People looking for help in reducing their alcohol and other substance use often turn to 12-step programs. But while research shows that LGBTQ individuals are more likely to struggle with substance use issues than their peers, they also often face barriers to engaging in traditional treatment programs.

CDC-Funded Research Project at KU to Evaluate Initiatives to Reduce Youth Violence in Kansas City Metro Area

With an aim to inform and develop local solutions to reduce community rates of youth violence nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded the University of Kansas a grant to establish one of only five federally funded national centers of excellence on youth violence prevention.

Fall Seminar Series Features Experts in Substance Use and Treatment, Eating Behaviors and LGBTQ+ Health Disparities

The Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment at the University of Kansas will launch its fall seminar series this week with a talk presented by a University of Kentucky scientist who studies cocaine use disorder.

Honoring a Life: Family Hopes Sharing Story and Establishing Research Fund Will Reduce Stigma of Addiction

Gayla Guthrie remembers her brother Patrick Guthrie for his wicked sense of humor and his intense love for his family and the University of Kansas.

Study shows food choices at an 'all-you-can-eat' buffet tied to likelihood for weight gain

A new study from the University of Kansas in the journal Appetite examines people’s choices when confronted with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Researcher Begins Trial on How LGBTQ Individuals Experience SMART Recovery Substance Use Program

Sexual and gender minority individuals experience alcohol and substance use disorders at rates much higher than their peers, yet little is known about how treatment and recovery programs work for them. A University of Kansas researcher is leading a study to better understand how members of the LGBTQ community experience SMART Recovery, an alternative to traditional 12-step programs, and potentially guide improvements to the program.